Architectural Support

"A Doctor can bury his mistakes, but an Architect can only
advise his clients to plant vines"
- Frank Lloyd Wright

Simply put… truly functional working drawings will reduce your costs in many ways.  

Our team of drafting and rendering experts have been instrumental on a national scale to assist production home builders, architects, designers and contractors with AutoCAD drafting, Construction Documentation, 3D Renderings / Animation, Reprographics, and more.

With the home building process demanding even faster cycle time-to-market results, lowering of costs, improved material take-off accuracy / exportation, and streamlined process management, our team of experienced drafting experts have an average of twelve years of experience, and can handle the most sophisticated and complex projects.

AUTOCAD – 2D Drafting Integration – Easy and Affordable

The Contrado Group prides itself in integrated CAD systems and standards allowing the builder/architect or contractor to determine the level of detail they want to see in their Construction Documents. This same level of detail can be kept across multiple projects to delivery consistencies of product offerings.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) – 3D Drafting With Data Export

A true 3D drafting revolution, your CAD standards become consistent across all projects, projects move in the rendering/exhibit phase faster and with greater accuracy. Material take-offs are simplified and the e-bid process becomes more efficient. Also, data imbedded objects allow us to export to a flat file format a lot-specific bill of materials for our builder's procurement departments.

CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS – Speed with Accuracy is King

Using conceptual floor plans and elevations, we can precisely draft all the architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing detail sheets of your Construction Documents. Our integrated CAD systems and standards allow you to determine the level of detail you want to see carried out in your CDs for city submittals.

RENDERING & ANIMATION – Visualize For Impact

The key sheets from your Construction Documents are now taken to build 3D models that are used to create exterior renderings, interior renderings, and animated views of future projects. The designs can then be reviewed for architectural aesthetics prior to construction. Our integrated process then utilizes these master renderings in your municipal design reviews, merchandising, print, and digital marketing materials.

CONTRADO™ FILE SHARE – A Transparent Process

The cloud technology revolution is achieved through our asset / file management software tabbed, Contrado™. This value-add software tool is made available to our clients that enables them to gain a clear picture of every activity that occurs on their project. This online file management program preserves a record of all documents, tracks and manages multiple document versions, add comments and send notifications when new versions are created. It also keeps documents secure with on & off site back-up, and assists in avoiding mistakes created by poor document control. Contrado™ also tracks the flow of projects, personnel responsible for each phase, and due dates.

Other Architectural Support tools offered:

  • Zoning or Design Review
  • Electronic Bidding
  • Reprographics

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Accurate Construction Documents
Exterior Rendering - Photo Realistic
Exterior Rendering - Artistic
Interior Rendering