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Interactive Floorplans

Interactive Floor Plans / Mobile & iOS Platforms
Bring in fresh leads from 1st-look online prospects through this fun and to-scale Interactive Floor Plan (IFP) tool featured on your Web site. Prospects browsing your site either from a personal computer, a tablet, or a mobile smart phone will enjoy the interactive features allowing them to select and place options directly onto floor plans which builds emotional attachment. Plus, the "Save Plan" feature creates additional awareness of your community through the most effective marketing method possible…referrals. Our IFP allows e-Lead capturing which triggers various campaigns for dialog marketing. Upon saving a plan, the prospect's profile is sent to the community representative and entered into the builder's sales customer relationship management software. An e-mail notification is also sent with the "saved" plan to the sales team. With weekly analytics, our builders can track web activity regarding popularity of floor plans, options, time on site spent, and return visitation. These reports can also be disseminated on a local, regional, or national basis.

Interactive Plat Maps
This web based software is designed to offer prospective homebuyers a real time view of the community's plat (site) plan. Our interactive plat system allows for viewing of mapping needs that include building type, elevation, lot availability, and Google earth overlays. Simply roll your pointer over a given lot to find out if it's for sale or what type of home has already been planned for on that lot. All updates are easily done by your own sales people so that prospects can always be looking at up to date information. The Interactive Plat Maps can be incorporated into a website, sales office display, or on a mobile application device.

Interactive Sales Centers
Create an exciting interactive experience by showcasing your community with an Interactive Sales Center. This cutting edge marketing tool shows your buyers the multiple facets of your community such as a community overview, floor plans, elevations, and area amenities that you have to offer. The Interactive Sales Center allows you to present your community in such a format that depicts site plans, maps, points of interest, and lifestyle images. Also, one can take interior virtual tours of various floor plans and community centers. Because a potential buyer is able to view various floor plans and can register too in the interactive sales environment, there's multiple ways to capture critical eLead information. This cutting edge tool is perfect for sales center kiosks which will allow prospects to experience all that your community has to offer, and will help add to that valuable backlog of pre-sales.

Interactive Floorplans
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Floor Plans & Elevations
  • Configure Structural Options
  • Save Configured Plan
  • Print Configured Plan
  • Email - Notifications
  • Drag & Drop Furniture
  • Drag & Drop Components
  • Zoom Floorplan
  • Flip Plan (horizontally)
  • Notes Tool
  • Draw Leader Lines
  • Elevation Descriptions
  • Elevation Color Groups

  Interactive Plat Map
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Plat Maps
  • Up-To-Date Lot Availablilty
  • Easily updated by sales person or back office
  • Add lot specific notes & details
  • Real-Time Updates
  • Show Lot Layouts
  • Community Phase Control
  • Custom Graphic Treatments
  • Community Specific

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Sales Centers
  • Complete interface for interactive products
  • Welcome Page
  • Interactive Area Maps
  • Interactive Plat Maps
  • Interactive Floorplans and Elevations Maps
  • Registration Page w/email notification

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