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"The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself."
– Peter F. Drucker

The marketing phase of your project is worth ensuring the best "first impression" through quality marketing materials that will engage prospective buyers. From our architectural support services hand-off, your project will continue to reap the benefits of our integrated process by utilizing existing visuals in the design and production of marketing and sales collateral.

Outhouse provides high quality marketing materials through a complete in-house print facility properly equipped for large or small print runs. This allows us to keep our commitments to meet those all important weekend openings! We can also securely house your inventory of pre-printed shells for future needs.

A print fulfillment online portal site is customized for sales and marketing material ordering. This program allows your staff to easily request reprints, make type changes, track print quotes / history all at their fingertips, and even while off on a job site, or while vacationing on a beach!

INTERACTIVE FLOOR PLANS – Engage Prospects Online

Interactive Floorplan Demo

Bring in fresh leads from 1st-look online prospects through this fun and to-scale Interactive Floor Plan (IFP) featured on your Web site.

Prospects browsing your site will enjoy this interactive structural design feature allowing them to select options directly onto floor plans which builds emotional attachment. Plus, the "Save Plan" feature creates additional awareness of your community through the most effective marketing method possible…referrals.

Our IFP allows e-Lead capturing which triggers various campaigns for dialog marketing. Upon saving a plan, the prospect's profile is sent to the community representative and entered into the builder's sales customer relationship management software. An e-mail notification is also sent with the "saved" plan to the sales team.

With weekly analytics, our builders can track web activity regarding popularity of floor plans, options, time spent, and return visitation. These reports can also disseminate this activity on a local, regional, or national basis.


Our clients enjoy the very best in quality of sales and marketing collateral by our design / print team in both digital and traditional formats at The Contrado Group. If you want professional-quality marketing materials, including brochures, flyers, postcards, stationery, catalogs, booklets, presentation folders, newsletters and business cards, there is no substitute for true 4-color process printing, printed on genuine Heidelberg printing presses. Now you can get high-quality full-color printing from any Mac or PC file including Quark, Publisher, Photoshop, InDesign, Word, with instant online pricing, ordering and proofing. From small to large print runs, to the newest dialogue marketing pieces, variable data printing, and personalized URLs will get a message noticed and relationships will build!

SALES CENTER MERCHANDISING – Image, Impression, Impact

When it comes to merchandising, we provide a coordinated and efficient approach to sales office displays and signage. We facilitate the design and production of window graphics, floor plan and elevation displays, binders, plat maps, and/or any other sales office materials. Utilizing our Contrado online system, you're able to manage standardized materials, ensure brand consistency, control schedules, and track your orders.

WEB DEVELOPMENT – Target, Create, and Measure

Web site design, hosting, and management. Due to our highly popular Interactive Floor Plan technology, we are asked on many occasions to create Web sites for our clients. Our web sites are created with the knowledge base of our core disciplines as a foundation of creativity. This allows our clients to get to an effective solution for their site quickly and on budget.

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Interactive Floorplan Demo

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