Virtual Option Sales

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."
– Henry David Thoreau


Increase your bottom line while at the same time allow your home buyers the opportunity to see their home in a whole NEW light…through our online interactive sales option program by Aterra Designs.

AMBIANCE – Feel the Space

Lighting, sound, and temperature are key elements in every home. Through the Aterra Virtual Interactive Kiosks located in our builder's sales or design centers, our experts will assist your clients in selecting options that best fits their lifestyle. Whether they entertain, work from home, or simply like to cozy up to a good book, the space in their home should not only be functional, but should add to the perfect atmosphere for any activity.

DIGITAL CONVERGENCE – Connect to the World

Being able to set your home's temperature with an application from your IPhone is just the beginning of the digital revolution. Trends are showing that today's consumer wants more functionality in less space. The Gen "Y" to-date, is the most technological generation thus far. They will not think twice about ordering a pizza, checking texts, downloading a movie, paying a bill, and turning off the lights all in the same spot. This is the era of digital convergence....

ENVIRONMENT – Live the Space

Whether one is in need of air-filtration systems or an energy management design for their home, Aterra Designs can coordinate these needs for a client. Proper design, trade coordination, manufacturer selection, and documentation will enable the client to receive a space that will become quite livable. Demand for an environment that is tailored to the client's lifestyle is paramount in today's increasingly competitive market. To meet and exceed these expectations, will enable our builders to deliver a product that will create customer satisfaction for years to come.

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Virtual Lighting Interactive

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Virtual Options Kiosk
Lighting Scenario - Demo 1
Lighting Scenario - Demo 2
Lot Specific Construction Document